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My 3 days as a Duke-sitter

I never had a dog growing up so I was stoked when the opportunity to dog sit my friends pup, Duke, arose. I got a taste of what it’s like to have a pet, which I imagine is a small taste of what having a kid feels like. I felt solely responsible for another living thing and constantly found myself thinking; is he hungry, is he thirsty, is he tired, does he need to pee, need I go on… But the great thing about a dog is that if they want to do something, they are just going to do it; pee, sleep, poop, etc. We had a lot of fun together and went camping, longboarding, hiking and walking to name a few activities.

As much as I enjoyed coming home to Duke after work, I realized having a dog is more than just fun and games all the time. Down the road I like the idea of having a dog but there are so many variables to take into consideration before I would commit to actually having one. I love to travel and plan to continue traveling the rest of my life, I wouldn’t want any spontaneous adventures to be hindered by a dog. Only time will tell…

DUKE and Ari Duke on Hike Duke on Pillow

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