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My Journey to Mount of the Holy Cross at 14,005′

So for those that don’t know, a fourteener (or “14er”) is a mountain peak that exceeds 14,000 feet (4267.2 meters) elevation. There are 53 14ers in Colorado and I have now done 5 of them, but Mount of the Holy Cross was by far the hardest.

We woke up at 4:00 am and started at the trailhead at 5:40 for this 12 mile round trip hike. It had an initial 1,000′ elevation gain ending above the tree line only to drop via switchbacks down another 1,000′ below back into the trees. After that switchback fun, we only had another 3,500+ feet to go to the top of the 14,005′ peak. If you thought the fun ended there, you are wrong, we did it all again on our way back, finally arriving back to the car nine hours later… But boy was it worth it! (more pictures to come)

I’ll weave in some tech here soon by reviewing both my camera and gorillapod stand used on this trip.

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Mount of the Holy Cross- 14er in Colorado 2014-07-13 10.46.02DSC00212DSC00210DSC00201