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Notion: Home Intelligence Sensors. Be home, even when you’re not.

I’ve had the privilege to work along-side 13 amazing startups and founders at Techstars this summer.

Right away, day one, one company stood out to me in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Notion (formerly Loop) built a single device to provide Home Intelligence to the masses and is currently available on Kickstarter! Home Intelligence isn’t a buzzword, but a new way of thinking about your home. Nowadays connected devices are becoming more prevalent in homes and businesses across the United States and the world. These devices take previously mundane and “dumb” devices and make them connected and smart. Some examples are; Nest Smart ThermostatPhilips Hue Smart Lightbulbs, Lockitron, and so on.

What makes Notion different from all the rest is that they are not replacing a previous electronic device. They are augmenting to the existing ecosystem of devices with a whole new device that gives users access to previously unattainable information and data.

notion-sensor-logo-detailed-275e2e64e760a96b94b9260a7d8c9d2cNotion has made a small (about the size of 1 double stuffed Oreo), extremely smart, multi-function sensor that can be placed anywhere in your home or business and can help you know more about what’s happening in your home (Home Intelligence). Competitors would need several devices to compete with Notion’s use cases. Notion made every sensor the same so the end user doesn’t have to think about which sensor they need for which application; one sensor to rule them all.


Each Notion sensor can detect:

The 7 advanced sensors inside each Notion multi-function sensor are:

  • Accelerometer can tell you if your garage door is opened
  • Ambient light sensor knows if lights have been left on when they shouldn’t be
  • Gyroscope measures if a door or window opens
  • Temperature sensor can tell you if your HVAC system is down by detecting if the temperature of your house is getting too hot or cold
  • Piezoelectric transducer measures natural frequency and tells you things like how full a propane tank is or if a smoke alarm is going off
  • Proximity sensor will alert you if a gun safe is opened
  • Water leak probes instantly alerts you the second there is a leak

Notion sensors utilize low energy bluetooth transfer of data to a WiFi and Cell Backup capable hub with a battery life of 2 years.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be of the pioneers of Home Intelligence. Get Notion today on Kickstarter.


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