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Techstars Day Two

Today we ventured to Colorado Mountain Ranch for team building exercises. It was amazing how much fun we all had on a ropes course, but more importantly I was impressed with how much everyone gained from a day in the mountains getting to know each other. I was particularly amused at the tree climbing station to learn that there were a few people in our group, probably in their 30’s or older, that had never climbed a tree before in their lives, ever! This just goes to show that we are never too old to do new things or learn new skills. As one of the founders put it, “be comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Well said; I think it is important to get out of your comfort zone, especially in the business world. This could be making that cold call to a potential client, sending that email or just going for it! The answer is no unless you ask.

Well that’s all for today, i’m looking forward to Learning More Faster at Techstars Boulder this summer!

Here’s a few pictures from the day:

Techstars Boulder 2014 at Colorado Mountain Ranch


Techstars Boulder 2014 at Colorado Mountain RanchTechstars Boulder 2014 at Colorado Mountain Ranch

(Founder David Cohen via his robot roaming around Techstars Boulder HQ.)