Micah's Mashup

Techstars First Week

Thursday was full of insight as we geared up for the Mentor Madness event that evening. Mentor Madness was a three and a half hour networking event for all teams to get to know some of the mentors. Just prior to the event we had an all program meeting to learn lessons in how to engage great mentors. Here we covered many ways to maximize mentorship and effectively utilize their short time with so many different people. The latter part of the talk was geared towards communication and specifically Email Etiquette 101. In summary, email’s should be no more than 3 core sentences. Be specific with actionable question not open ended questions or observations. We also covered the forwardable email; sending and email that can literally just be clicked and forwarded maybe with a one or two sentence addition of context. Ex. Hey Dave i was hoping you can into me to x because of y with a goal of Z.

More on a perfect email from for Techstars founder & CEO, David Cohen. http://www.davidgcohen.com/2011/03/06/the-perfect-email/

This week can really be summed up by three words; Learn More Faster. Everyday there is a new challenge thrown my way and keeps me on my toes at all times and picking up insights along the way.