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Weekly 9:09 With The Dude & Walter + The End of Mentor Madness

This week our weekly Wedesnday night  909 feedback session was hosted by Walter and the dude. Well not really, it was hosted by two of the co-founders dressed up for The Big Lebowski theme. This week the companies goals were far more lofty and while some were able to move their big rocks, others (such as myself) couldn’t get to it all. The drinks awarded to those successful in moving their big rocks got White Russians or organic chocolate milk while those who failed to accomplish their big rock got what some of the founders call “fail juice”. The fail juice was cheap vodka or are yoohoo (I didn’t think yoohoo was too bad of a punishment).

Today marks the end of what we like to call “mentor madness”. This refers to the massive amounts of meetings these co-founders have taken in the past 3 and a half weeks with various Techstars mentors. I was talking with some of the Techstars staff about how these companies have likely met with more people in this month that they otherwise would of in an entire year. That’s the beauty of Techstars, everything a little bit faster, especially networking and mentorship. Things are starting to really pick up and the companies are getting ready to throw gas on their fire and execute on their idea like crazy. The next few weeks are sure to be interesting!

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