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PopSockets will change the way you use your phone

Almost three year ago my friend showed me this Kickstarter Video by his Philosophy professor, David Barnett. I was immediately entertained by the video but also infatuated with the product. Last fall I finally got my first pair of PopSockets and have not stopped popping them since. In fact, I became an evangelist for PopSockets because I truly love their product and hopefully you will too.

What is a PopSocket?

A small circular button that goes on the back of your phone to provide unfathomable fun and functionality.

Why buy a PopSocket?

This illustration does a good job of showing some of it’s use cases:

PopSockets use cases


How do you get them:

Design your own here and use POPnSHIP to get free shipping or just check out PopSockets.com!

Here are some of my PopSocketed Devices:


I will likely mention PopSockets a fair amount and will continue to update this on features, designs and company progress. Let me know how you like them i’m sure you won’t stop popping and propping.


One thought on “PopSockets will change the way you use your phone

  1. Anonymous

    I Love PopSockets, I can’t stop playing with them and they are super helpful for gripping and standing my phone up!

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