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New Chapter of Adventure Abroad

So far this blog has been very tech and business focused with some fun outdoor adventures thrown in there every once in a while. I have tried to document my past few months while working at the Techstars Boulder Accelerator and some of the lessons I learned while there. Now i’m switching gears a bit, it’s travel time. I will be continuing work with Techstars as an International Scout, gauging awareness and spreading information of Techstars and the accelerator model abroad. I feel the motto “Learn More Faster” is still applicable just now on an international scale.

I caught the bug (no, not Ebola). I’m talking about the travel bug. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled a decent amount in the past 10 or so years including 5 trips to Israel, 1 to Poland, 1 to Mexico, 1 to Chile and a semester abroad in New Zealand with a stopover in Fiji. Although i’ve been to all of these places I feel like i’m just scratching the surface of what this world has to offer. I’m on a mission to explore and adventure and get out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. Since my Semester abroad I knew I wanted to travel overseas some more and eventually live in another country than the U.S.

Today marks the start of a 5-12 month adventure. I was supposed to leave the country for Rome last Monday but got word that my grandfather who has been fading from parkinson’s finally passed away. I re-arranged some flights and postponed my departure a few days to be with my family and community during this time. But now the adventure starts. First stop is Northern Italy (Rome, Florence & Venice) with my mother, then to France where I will meet up with my girlfriend Hannah. From France we have a basic idea of where we want to travel to but have no set plans just yet. After living on a tight schedule the past few years and especially past few months at Techstars I am excited to finally live with NO SCHEDULE! It will be fun to see where we actually end up and what we actually do but it is sure to be a fun ride.

Stay tuned for travel updates, stories, pictures and lessons along the way.

2 thoughts on “New Chapter of Adventure Abroad

  1. Pam

    have a wonderful adventure, Micah. New doors will open and horizons will expand exponentially. Cant wait to hear about it all…

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