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Techstars Demo Day & Reflection

Last week the Techstars Boulder Accelerator program commenced and we hosted our annual Demo Day. Demo Day is a culmination of 13 companies working out of one giant office in Boulder Colorado for 13 weeks. It is also the culmination of new friends, long nights, fun times, new chapters and serial entrepreneurs. These teams worked incredibly hard to get into Techstars and ramped it up as soon as they stepped in the door Day 1. Managing Director, Nicole Glaros, pushed these founders and their business’s to the next level for the October 9th Demo Day at Boulder Theater and beyond. We even tried an experiment this year and before the large community event at Boulder Theater, each founder pitched 11 separate rooms of investors at Folsom Field, THEN pitched in front of audience of over 500!

Boulder Theater Techstars Demo Day 2014

Before I tell you about the companies, let me tell you about the people behind them. After 13 weeks of working out of the same office for long days and longer nights, we all got to know each other and became a Techstars Family; a super smart, motivated, energetic, charismatic, nerdy, quirky, kind, leading, fun loving, caring Family.

I cannot possibly write a summary or synopsis or my time as an Associate at Techstars Boulder. The real magic of Techstars is getting a bunch of ridiculously passionate, entrepreneurs under one roof for 13 weeks and combining that with top mentors with a wide variety of experience and expertise. I was fortunate enough to get a first hand look at this Startup/Founder Bootcamp. That’s why this blog is called “Learn More Faster”. I know the statistics about startups and how many, statistically, will fail. While I can’t guarantee this sample of companies will be the anomaly I can tell you this sample of founders have a huge leg up on their competition with the knowledge, execution and mentorship that Techstars has provided. The best thing is that Techstars isn’t just for 13 weeks, if you read my post on FounderCon (for those that didn’t, it is a HUGE Techstars Conference for all current and previous Techstars founders ~400+ people!). Techstars is a community that will continue to support each other for current, previous and future founders.

Techstars Boulder Founders on Demo Day at Folsom Field before the pitched 11 times in a row to rooms of accredited investors!

Here are the 13 teams with links to their websites to learn more. Check them out on CrunchBase and AngelList too.


All4Staff moves traditional employee onboarding to a mobile first solution that workers complete before they arrive.@All4Staff
Bawte connects manufacturers who sell through retail to their end customers.@Bawte
ExpenseBot is artificial intelligence for enterprise finance, starting with expense reports that do themselves.@ExpenseBot
Final is a new type of credit card that creates dynamic card numbers, radically reducing fraud.@Final
Kapta helps CEOs track and manage the most critical priorities of their business.@Kapta
Lassy Project notifies an entire local community about a missing child within seconds.@LassyProject
Native is a fun and beautiful mobile app for college students to find, create, and share activities in their local community.@Native_App
Notion is a multi-function sensor engineered for complete home intelligence.@Notion
QuotaDeck is a marketplace for the 8 million salespeople to receive warm introductions to their target buyers.@QuotaDeck
ShareableSocial is content on cruise control! We create and post industry specific social media content for small business owners.@ShareableSocial
Sportsy is a mobile training and education platform for sports.@Sportsy
Wellhire is a mobile first app that matches enterprise company opportunities with highly compatible job candidates.@WellHireNews
Wunder is a marketplace that reimagines solar project finance by connecting investors with thoroughly vetted opportunities.@WunderCapital

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