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As an Associate at Techstars Boulder I have the opportunity to help teams with various projects and tasks. This week I helped Kapta, a platform for Agile Business Management, create some blog posts for their website. As I have recently been diving into Lean and Agile methodology, what Kapta does is extremely relevant to me. They have adopted a software development framework to help drive growth and provide transparency to CEO’s for large organizations. Below is a few exerts from the Blog post on Kapta’s Website.

The workforce is changing. As CEO’s and upper management, employees look to you when they struggle with what to do, how to do it and why they are even doing it in the first place. With so many mediums of communication you would think getting clear direction would be easy; though many companies struggle to keep their employees informed about goals and strategies of the organization. Having transparency in your organization will lead to more satisfied employees and more productivity from your workforce.

Many organizations are coming to realize the importance of human factors and motivations. Employee engagement is an important new buzz word in senior management circles. The movement toward greater employee engagement represents a renewed effort to connect workers to their products. Sometimes employees can be engaged through the social bonds that form within teams in which the uniqueness of each individual is recognized and goals are shared.

The future well managed workplace may be organized to optimize employee satisfaction and engagement. Studies have repeatedly confirmed the importance of Maslow’s motivational pyramid to the productivity of employees.

  • First of all, security needs must be met. Employees must enjoy a sense of their own value in the workplace.
  • Then physical needs must be addressed. Employees must be able to renew their energy and have their work time adequately spaced.
  • Those needs being met, employees must be enabled to make use of their skills and to challenge their abilities toward the production of something understandable.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Micah Post author

    Future of Work (Part II)
    If you’re interested in seeing Part II here is a teaser and a link to the full post below:


    People are changing and as a byproduct, so is the workforce. Individuals are feeling entitled to more and more in their lives and their jobs as well. Many companies are not able to engage with their employees enough or in the right way to raise job satisfaction to an acceptable level. Those companies that do reach a suitable level of job satisfaction, often have trouble sustaining that morale for any extended period of time. Employees need direction on what to do but now with the freedom to do it how and when they want. A crucial piece that is often missing is the why. The reasoning behind tasks can make all the difference between the strictly 9-5 worker and the All Star overachiever.

    The Emergence Of The Individual
    Work is a concept that transcends the chains of time itself.

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