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Class is in session, Techstars Boulder2014

Techstars, Day One – Orientation

Today all 13 companies and their founders arrived to their new home for 13 weeks in downtown Boulder, CO. It felt like the summer camp I never went to but always wanted*; people carrying in iMac’s, external monitors, workstation stands and a whole lot of entrepreneurial energy. These people were ready to do some serious business and within the first 15 minutes already had everything plugged in and going at full steam.

*(By the way this camp I dreamt of does exist now and is called Camp Inc. and came in to visit Techstars Boulder just a week ago.)

First an Associate joke from orientation…

What’s the difference between an associate and your startup?

More people have seen the associate!

This is the kind of “Tough Love” described by alumni of the Program. Three points were stressed to get the most out of Techstars:

1. Intellectual Honesty

2. Do the right stuff, fast.

3. Deep engagement with mentors 

Finally, a message that has been stressed since the first time I heard of Techstars… GIVE FIRST! #GiveFirst

Well enough about the first day there will be plenty more to come.

Techstars Boulder Day one